Data Dictionary

Data Element Section Master Field Name Description Type Sub Type Example Data Type
DDL-001 Applicant Details Applicant Full Name Full name of the Applicant applicant_details applicant_name Donna Kirkpatrick string
DDL-002 Applicant Details Applicant Organization Organization the applicant is associated with. applicant_details applicant_organization - string
DDL-003 Applicant Details Applicant Phone Applicant Phone Number applicant_details applicant_phone 5123264223 string
DDL-004 Applicant Details Applicant Address Line 1 Applicant Address Line 1 applicant_details applicant_address_line_1 7901 string
DDL-005 Applicant Details Applicant Address Line 2 Applicant Address Line 2 applicant_details applicant_address_line_2 E Riverside string
DDL-006 Applicant Details Applicant Address Line 3 Applicant Address Line 3 applicant_details applicant_address_line_3 - string
DDL-007 Applicant Details Applicant City Applicant City applicant_details city Austin  string
DDL-008 Applicant Details Applicant Zip Applicant Zip Code applicant_details zip 3001 string
DDL-009 Building Location Job Street Address Property address associated with the permit. address_details street S CONGRESS AVE string
DDL-010 Building Location Job City City of the property associated with the permit. address_details city JACKSONVILLE string
DDL-011 Building Location Job State State of the property associated with the permit. address_details state TX string
DDL-012 Building Location Job Zip Zip of the property associated with the permit. address_details zip 78704 string
DDL-013 Building Location Latitude The Latitude of the property's primary address. address_details latitude 30.23209318 float
DDL-014 Building Location Longitude The Longitude of the property's primary address. address_details longitude -97.75713136 float
DDL-015 Building Permits Permit Type Raw values indicating type of permit in abbreviated format. permit_details permit_type Electrical string
DDL-016 Building Permits Normalized Permit Type - permit_details normalized_permit_type Electrical string
DDL-017 Building Permits Permit Sub-Type Sub Type of the permit. permit_details permit_sub_type Single Family Attached string
DDL-018 Building Permits Normalized Permit Sub Type - permit_details normalized_permit_sub_type Single Family Residence string
DDL-019 Building Permits Master Permit Number If the permit is listed as the child of another permit, this is the Project ID of that parent permit. A building permit's (BP) master permit number will reference the Plan Review Project ID, while trades under that BP will reference the BP's ID as their master. This may also be called the "parent folderRSN". permit_details master_permit_number 10743354 string
DDL-020 Building Permits Permit # Permit number for the scheduled work. permit_details permit_number 140904314 string
DDL-021 Building Permits Permit Class Indicates if the permit is intended for Residential or Commercial. This mapping is derived from the PermitClass field (if the Class starts with "R", it is residential, otherwise it is commercial). permit_details permit_class Residential string
DDL-022 Building Permits Normalized Permit Class - permit_details normalized_permit_class Residential string
DDL-023 Building Permits Work Description Detailed description of work permitted. permit_details work_description Addition for new bedroom, bath & closet to unit A-331 SF string
DDL-024 Building Permits Permit Applied Date Date on which the permit was applied. This relates to the original Plan Review application submission where applicable. permit_details permit_applied_date 2020-06-19 string
DDL-025 Building Permits Permit Issue Date Date on which the permit was issued. permit_details permit_issued_date 2020-06-19 string
DDL-026 Building Permits Permit Category Category to which the applied permit is classified. permit_details permit_category Building Permit string
DDL-027 Building Permits Permit Status Current Current status of permit. permit_details permit_status Final string
DDL-028 Building Permits Status Date Date on which the permit status was reported. permit_details permit_status_date 2020-06-20 string
DDL-029 Building Permits Permit Expiry Date Date on which the permit will/would have expire(d). permit_details permit_expiry_date 2020-11-05 string
DDL-030 Building Permits Stories # Number of stories of the primary building against which the permit is applied. permit_details stories 4 string
DDL-031 Building Permits Units Number of household units for a given building. permit_details units 1 string
DDL-032 Building Permits Total SqFt Total square feet of the property location. permit_details total_sqft 175 -
DDL-033 Building Permits Valuation Valuation of building or property. permit_details valuation 90000 -
DDL-034 Building Permits Comments Additional comments on the building permit. permit_details comments - -
DDL-035 Building Permits PIN Property identification number. permit_details pin 1077286 -
DDL-036 Building Permits Parcel ID A Parcel Identifier or PID is a number that uniquely identifies a parcel in the land title. permit_details - - -
DDL-037 Building Permits Permit Fees Sum of subtotal paid, subtotal unpaid and subtotal waived. permit_details permit_fees - -
DDL-038 Contractor Details Contractor Organization Company name of the Contractor. contractor_details contractor_organization Tumlinson Electric string
DDL-039 Contractor Details Contractor Name Full name of the Contractor. contractor_details contractor_name Kenneth Tumlinson string
DDL-040 Contractor Details Contractor Contact # Contractor phone number. contractor_details contractor_phone 5128450606 string
DDL-041 Contractor Details Contractor Address Line 1 Contractor street address line 1 contractor_details contractor_address_line_1 40 -
DDL-042 Contractor Details Contractor Address Line 2 Contractor street address line 2 contractor_details contractor_address_line_2 LA JOLLA CIR -
DDL-043 Contractor Details Contractor Address City Contractor City contractor_details city MONTGOMERY -
DDL-044 Contractor Details Contractor Address State Contractor State contractor_details state TX -
DDL-045 Contractor Details Contractor Address Zip Contractor Zip contractor_details zip 77356 -
DDL-046 Contractor Details Contractors License Type Permittee's / Contractor License Type contractor_details contractor_license_type GC string
DDL-047 Contractor Details Contractors License number Permittee's/Contractor License # contractor_details contractor_license_number 613010 string
DDL-048 Contractor Details Contractors License Expiry Date Expiry date of the contractor's license. contractor_details - - -
DDL-049 Owner Details Owner Full Name Owner Full Name owner_details owner_name Thomas Madden, Jr. string
DDL-050 Owner Details Owner Organization Owner Organization owner_details owner_organization RCPI TRUST string
DDL-051 Owner Details Owner Phone Owner Phone Number owner_details owner_contact_number 2123326521 string
DDL-052 Owner Details Owner Address Line 1 Owner Address Line 1 owner_details owner_address_line_1 - -
DDL-053 Owner Details Owner Address Line 2 Owner Address Line 2 owner_details owner_address_line_2 - -
DDL-054 Owner Details Owner Address Line 3 Owner Address Line 3 owner_details owner_address_line_3 - -
DDL-055 Owner Details Owner City Owner City owner_details city - -
DDL-056 Owner Details Owner Zip Owner Zip owner_details zip - -